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I attended Beltway Medical Group Health and Wellness Rehabilitation for PT with Dr. Bangali and Roy. After my treatment, they introduced me to their holistic Guru, Sujen, in the sound therapy studio inside the clinic. Their approach to recovery is very well-rounded, and I still attend the sound therapy sessions.

Daphne T.

I’ve never seen a Physical Therapy practice that focuses on the entire body. I love Beltway Medical Group because they have are invested in your wellness journey, mind, body and soul! I highly recommend them!

Courtney H.

I am so glad that I chose Beltway Medical Group for Physical Therapy. Their front desk staff is fantastic, and I felt at home and welcomed. I look forward to continuing my recovery and recommend their PT practice to anybody in the Fairfax area.

Jay G.

I came to BMG as a walk in patient and DR. Bangali completed a an evaluation on me! I am now seeing their PTA three days a week and feel better than ever!

I highly recommend BMG for all of your physical therapy needs.

Samir T.

If I could give more than just 5 stars I would, my experience at BMG with my Physical Therapy has been and still is such a wonderful experience. Great group of professionals, starting from their front desk, managers, and all physiotherapists. Amazing, lovely staff!
I do highly recommend them!!!

Rose G.

I came to BMG Physical Therapy with my mom for Sound Therapy and received excellent service from Guru Bhai. It was a very relaxed experience and I would highly recommend this practice. Impressed by Guru Bhai’s knowledge and patience with his clients.

Shruti S.

Very clean and organized clinic with state of the art equipment. Staff is friendly and accommodating and prioritize patient care and comfort. I 100% recommend this location for your physical therapy and Yoga/sound therapy care.

Roy J.

BMG has been an amazing PT experience! The front desk staff is so welcoming and helpful. Folosade and Roy are very knowledgeable and caring during each PT visit!

Abdelhady A.

I came for the sound therapy based off the recommendation from a friend. They greeted me with warm and welcomeness. Afterwards I felt better and look forward to spending more time here.


What an incredible practice! Warm welcoming professionals, beautiful atmosphere, and a gorgeous comfortable facility! I enjoyed immensely their amazing sound therapy sessions, breathing techniques, and yoga. If you want to feel good physically and emotionally, give Beltway Medical Group a try!

Iren F.

Amazing service from everyone at the clinic. I highly recommend Beltway Medical Group for all your physical therapy needs!!

Josh F.

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