How Does Physical Therapy Improve Quality of Life?

April 26, 2024 by Renee Eder0

After an injury or surgery, a patient’s quality of life often isn’t what it once was. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that with the right exercises and support, a patient can’t return to the activities that they enjoy the most. This is where physical therapy can play a significant role.

Physical therapists provide tangible benefits to their patients that are long-lasting. Through carefully developed treatment plans, our physical therapists focus on returning patients to the activities and the quality of life they had before their injury.

Discover the Value of Physical Therapy

Injuries happen for a variety of reasons; however, an active lifestyle is a frequent contributor. Everyone wants to return to the activities that make them happy. Physical therapy programs consider the activities and abilities of the patient when creating a treatment plan of care. Manual tools include mobilization, manipulation, massage, and modalities to reduce pain, spasming, or trigger points.

Personalized Care

Physical therapy is proven to help patients overcome injuries through thoughtful treatments and personalized plans of care. Physical therapists work to improve the quality of life of patients by concentrating not only on their physical condition but also on boosting their self-confidence. The goal of physical therapy is to help a patient return to specific tasks that are important to them.

Quality of Life

Investing in physical therapy is a commitment to a fuller life with more freedom. Long-term benefits include:

  • returning range of motion;
  • improving flexibility, balance, strength, and mobility to recover from an injury;
  • resuming meaningful activities; and
  • preventing future injuries.

Expedites Recovery

Physical therapy may include cardio challenges, stretch exercises, strength building, and endurance training to return a patient to the activities they desire. In many cases, the patient may be in better physical condition after therapy than they were when they began. Time spent in therapy expedites overall recovery paving the way to resume activities.

Education and Continued Self-improvement

A key benefit to physical therapy is the education offered and the physical conditioning the patient receives from their program. After therapy, patients use this knowledge to progress through personal training programs to continue to improve their strength and quality of life. Holistic healing techniques, such as yoga and sound therapy may also help to promote further healing. Please refer to our Patient Education page for more information on resources for yoga and sound therapy.

Count on Beltway Medical Group for Your Physical Therapy Needs!

Here at Beltway Medical Group, we focus on the helping you to achieve your goals and allowing you to return to enjoying your life pain-free! Physical therapy treatment, yoga, and sound therapy can all help you achieve the healing you need and the relief you deserve. At the Beltway Medical Group physical therapy office in Fairfax, VA, we use a variety of therapies and teach you exercises you can do at home. Contact us today to learn more.

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