Long-Term Benefits of Physical Therapy

July 21, 2023 by Renee Eder0

After you’ve had orthopedic surgery or injury, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising and moving that painful part of your body. You may be worried about making things worse. But rest-assured, the benefits of starting and continuing a physical therapy regimen post-injury or surgery are long-lasting.

Improve Your Strength

Physical therapy can help you regain and improve your strength following an injury. It builds up strength in the muscles and joints around an injury or surgical site, and that strength can provide long-term stability in an affected joint or limb.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Physical therapy can reduce the amount of pain your injured body part causes. This decreases the need for drugs to manage pain and improves your quality of life.  It is also an effective way to manage the pain of arthritis and general aging.

Improve Your Mobility and Range of Motion

Physical therapy can make you able to move easier, with more confident motions. You will be able to walk easier, put away dishes, garden, and perform other daily living activities with confidence and comfort. Physical therapy improves your flexibility and ability to move with fluidity.

Avoid Future Injury

You can get in the habit of favoring a painful or injured body part, which can cause balance problems or can make you more likely to trip or fall. Imbalanced or improper movements can cause other injuries over time, such as sciatica, lower back pain, or knee and hip problems. Physical therapy helps you learn safe movement and decreases the chance of additional injury.

Reduce Risk of Blood Clots

Physical therapy improves your circulation and keeps blood from pooling in a single location. This decreases the risk of blood clots in or around an injury or surgical site. Reducing the risk of blood clots reduces the risk of other severe post-surgical complications.

Faster Healing and Recovery

Physical therapy improves your healing and recovery after a surgery or injury so that you can return to your everyday life more quickly and with fewer restrictions.

Find Relief and Speed Up Your Healing with Beltway Medical Group

If you experienced an injury or had a surgery, don’t wait to schedule your appointment with a physical therapist at Beltway Medical Group. We will we be able to outline your rehabilitation schedule and recovery process. Conveniently located near Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia, Beltway Medical Group will be opening soon to see patients.

At Beltway Medical Group, we will use a variety of manual therapies and teach you exercises you can do at home. Contact us if you’d like to know more about how rehabilitation can help!

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